What's in a Name?

Posted by Laura Stewart on

     As many of you know, the names of our bags have significant meaning. Matt has a strong love for literature so he honored that through his work, creating a line named after Southern authors and their characters. When I bought Andover Trask in December, I knew the style Matt so successfully started would transition beautifully to something I love as well, the Virginia horse country. With my Southern ties and my equestrian history, I have named my first design after my passion.

     I am beyond excited to introduce The Belle. Southern Belle you might ask? Well, yes, it is beautiful to look at and tough as nails, but there’s more to the story. I started riding horses when I was 8 years old. When I was 13, I was very lucky to become a horse owner for the first time. Little did I know, I would continue to own a horse until I was 46. For 33 years, I owned three wonderful horses and one adorable pony.   But my last horse held a special place in my heart. Not only because I knew she would be the last horse I would ever own and that we shared the same birthday, but because she was my first mare. I always thought the relationship with my geldings was special until I had a mare. We were very similar. Stubborn, tall, playful and would rather go on a beautiful trail ride than work on our flatwork. Her name was Belle. Saved by the Belle to be exact. Her mother was an ill-tempered thoroughbred that was due to be sold once she birthed her foal. When Belle was born, the owners looked at this big, beautiful, bay filly with a big blaze and 3 white socks and decided if she could throw foals like that, it was worth putting up with her temper – so they kept the mare and named the filly ‘Saved by the Belle’.  

     Now, one of the most important qualities you need to know about Belle is, she LOVED to eat, hence the feed style design. Yet another thing we had in common. But, not only was this bag inspired by Belle’s appetite, but by my love for horses and my equestrian life as a whole. From carriage rides through Charleston as a child, to horse shows, fox hunts and long leisurely trail rides, I wanted this bag to capture it all. Brass and leather straps not unlike the tack you would see on a carriage horse, a main compartment big enough to hold brushes, sprays, ointments and wraps. Inside and outside pockets big enough to hold phones, picks, mane combs, prize lists, ribbons and of course, a key clip to easily find your keys to the truck.   So wherever your equestrian life may take you, there’s a bag for that!

     Not to say this bag is an ‘equestrian only’ bag, hardly the case. I just wanted to share the inspiration behind the name and the design. Elegant. Rugged. Beautiful. Where ever your trail may lead, Belle will get you there….


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