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For a month, I have been trying to tackle the task of rewriting the ‘About us’ section of our website. The truth is, I don’t want to rewrite it. Matt was an integral part of Andover Trask and I want his story, the start of Andover Trask, to remain as it is, a vital part of the company’s history. Although the company has changed hands, it only means Matt’s chapter has ended - but like any good book, the story is far from over.

I heard about Andover Trask in May 2015 when a friend introduced me to the brand. After my first visit to the website, I was hooked. I fell in love with several designs but finally decided on The Sawyer. Upon receiving my bag, I could tell that every detail was meticulously considered - whether it was the hardware, leather, placement of the tag - this bag was made with pride.

But, there was another component that resonated with me. It was rooted in Atlanta. My Mom and Dad were raised in Atlanta and I have several family members and friends who live there. My mom was a fashion model in the 50s and my Dad shared numerous stories of his days growing up in Atlanta. My favorite consists of him playing guitar and singing at parties along side Blind Willie McTell, a renowned blues singer who often entertained from the streets. Their experiences and the stories they share take me back to a place we can only imagine today. Our world has changed so much but the values, traditions and appreciation of what was, still carry on.

When I heard Matt was interested in selling Andover Trask, I had a dream of taking over but never thought it would become a reality. I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason and pay attention to signs. When I met Matt for the first time in November, it was like meeting an old friend. We discussed Andover Trask, the direction we hoped it would take, the coincidence that it was Atlanta ties that brought us to this point and it became clear, this was the beginning of something wonderful and the signs all pointed to a great future.

So, it is with great pleasure that I take on the story of Andover Trask. As a Virginian with Atlanta roots and an equestrian who thrives on canvas and leather goods that will stand the test of time, I look forward to bringing you the same thought to detail, the deep heritage and the uncompromising final product that makes Andover Trask so special. I will continue to carry several of Matt’s classic designs as well as introduce new designs over the coming years.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for following our journey. And buckle up, we’re just getting started!


Laura Stewart


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