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As a relatively new business owner, there is one thing I know to be true. Brands need to be given new life and rebranded every so often.   As designs and/or products change, so do the people they reflect.


When I bought Andover Trask 2 ½ year ago, I inherited several designs that are still some of our best sellers.   Those designs, the Scout, Harper and Hatteras, were the vision and reflection of Matt Weaver, Andover Trask’s founder. Matt was wonderful at sharing his style and showing his market how his designs were in fact, a personal reflection.   His slogan, ‘Carry it with you’ was also symbolic of his love for books and how he carried characters and lessons from his favorite literature into his designs, names and work.


Since launching Porch & Hound, ‘my’ brand, I have realized there is a difference between taking over an existing brand vs creating your own. When you take over someone else’s brand, as I did with Andover Trask, you are essentially merging two styles. You add your personal touch into an existing style creating a new look and possibly feel for the brand. When you create a brand from scratch, it is yours from the get go. It is a reflection of your style, life, joy, hard work, etc. It is a vision you see and market to the world in hopes that others will relate to what you are creating, whether it is a feeling, as with Porch & Hound, or a style as with Andover Trask.


Since taking over Andover Trask, I have put my personal style in each of my designs. The Belle, ATM and Bermuda, are all a true reflection of how I live my life. What is that exactly? I am a blue jean, t shirt, boot loving woman who also likes to dress up, wear heels and put on lipstick. I love big bags, small bags, versatile bags and bags that I can throw in the car, cart, stands, over my shoulder and not be worried about scratching or mixing it up with the person’s right beside me. I want them to be unique in design and or color and classic with a little bit of edge. Therefore, I have adopted a new slogan for Andover Trask.   While I will continue to ‘Carry’ Matt’s vision with me, our new slogan reflects our designs, my personal style and what I hope people see in our products,


A little chic. A little rugged. Always practical.


I look forward to expanding our line with this slogan and style in mind. I have been blown away by the loyalty from our customers over the last couple of years. We have a lot of exciting things to come and cannot wait to share them with you! Thank you for being an Andover Trask customer!






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