What a year it’s been!

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 What a year it's been!

8 new designs, 15 new color combinations, 3 redesigns and a new line called the Porch & Hound Collection.

It has been a year since we closed and I officially took over Andover Trask. I am in awe at how much we have grown in that short period of time. When I bought Andover Trask, I did not have experience in design, marketing, ecommerce, taxes and all the other ‘business’ aspects that come along with owning your own company. But, I had passion. I had 3 new designs drawn before I signed on the dotted line and once I turned them into a reality, it was a new world and I haven’t looked back.

But, our success has very little to do with me, but rather our customers. I cannot thank you enough for weathering the first year storm with me. I have received so many emails, notes, comments, texts and even calls from customers with encouraging words about how much they love our bags.   Not only do we have several repeat customers, we have customers who call me ecstatic because they just introduced our company to a friend or to a store manager who may be interested in carrying our line. They love their bag so much that they are excited to share it with others. When you see the passion and vision you have carry through to your customers, it is the best compliment you could possibly receive. YOU, the customer are what make this job so much fun. Your faith in our bags, our company and in me to continue to produce a quality product, are what keep me motivated and I cannot thank you enough.

That being said, I cannot wait to introduce our new designs for 2017!   We will have several and they range from modern to throwback to classic. It should be another exciting year and I look forward to spending it with you! YOU are what keep this wheel rolling!

Happy Anniversary to us and...CHEERS!








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