Why Shop Small?

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I have always loved the idea of shopping small.   You feel like you are getting that unique gift that may not be found elsewhere. Instead of giving something that is made in bulk, you are giving a piece of someone’s art, craft and most importantly, their passion.


Since taking over Andover Trask two years ago, I have been introduced to and met numerous small brands, vendors and friends. This has not only been extremely rewarding and motivating but I realize that all of these smaller companies provide so much more than a unique product.     If you are an Andover Trask customer, you know that you will receive a handwritten thank you in every order.   Several customers have contacted me with an appreciation for that simple gesture. It did not dawn on me until today, (when I received an order with a thank you note from another small/local brand) just how powerful that can be.  I have another friend who puts samples of her products in her orders. I recently placed an order with another brand I have been introduced to for a product that was out of stock. Rather than letting me sit for days, I got a personal email notifying me that it was indeed out of stock and they wanted to know if I wanted to cancel my order. Rather than cancel, I changed it to something that was available and because of my inconvenience, they sent me a few fun freebies! SCORE!


My point? Do you get that with the larger department stores? Do you get that guarantee that YOUR order makes a difference in someone else’s life? YOUR order MEANS something to that person and is not taken for granted. YOU are appreciated as a customer, not just an order number. All of these entrepreneurs, makers and vendors take your purchase seriously and want to make sure you have not just a good, but a great experience with their company and their products. And all of us most certainly want your return business!


So, when you shop small, you are not only making an impact or difference in that person’s life (yes, we all do happy dances with orders), you will be treated like the valuable customer that you are.   Not to speak for everyone else but we have two priorities, to love what we do and to make sure our customers are happy and will come back!


As we close out the year, please know just how very grateful I am for every one of our customers! You truly make this engine run and I look forward to sharing so much more with you in 2018!


In the meantime, please check out these growing brands – quality products and people!


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